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SEND Information

At Haygrove School we want every child to reach their full potential, to belong and thrive at school. We recognise that some learners have additional needs and we are committed to ensuring that these students are supported to learn effectively, participate fully in school, the wider community and with their chosen future path.  

Across both Key Stages students with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) follow a broad, ambitious and inclusive curriculum, where quality teaching for students with SEND is carefully considered to meet the needs of the individual. Each subject area carefully considers the need of pupils with SEND as a key part of their curriculum planning and we make reasonable adjustments for our learners in the classroom, as well as deploying individual strategies to support personal requirements. 

We categorise SEND needs in line with Somerset’s local offer into four broad areas of need: 

Within the SEND Department we hold a record of students that need additional support in these areas. This is for students that have additional to or different support from their peers. This includes students with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), students with SEN support and students that we wish to monitor for emerging needs. For these students, we work alongside the young person, teachers, parents and carers and wider professionals to develop individual support plans. These are designed to meet the needs of the student and are reviewed regularly to ensure success. 

Most of our students have their learning needs met through high-quality teaching provision, with a large commitment of teacher’s professional development time focused on meeting the needs of learners with SEND.  Some students additionally need short-term interventions or specialised provision. These sessions are also closely monitored and reviewed as part of an assess, plan, do, review (APDR) cycle.  

Introducing Wilf 


We have recently added a new member to our Haygrove School community - a school dog called Wilf. He will be at school on a regular basis to work with our pupils. He’s no stranger to Haygrove, as he recently took part in our school production Legally Blonde Jr.


The benefits and reassurance the students experienced from his presence is remarkable. He will support our students with cognitive development, social skills, emotional skills, physical development, reading and feeling part of our school community.  

Wilf will be regularly groomed to prevent the risk of infection or disease. He will be loved and cared for with access to food, water and somewhere away from students where he can rest.  

We have undertaken a significant amount of research into bringing a school dog to join the Haygrove family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office on 01278 455531. 



How do I students feel about Wilf?

"Wilf helps me to feel calm."    
"Wilf makes me feel happy."
"I love to read to Wilf."   
"I have a friend now at school who will listen to my problems and my problems don't seem so big now I can talk to Wilf."
"I feel less anxious since Wilf has been here to talk to"
"He makes me feel welcome and is always pleased to see me"
"He makes my day so much better, my days are now full of Lushness!"
"I feel he understands me and that helps me not get into trouble"
"I am really ecstatic to see him, it's so nice that everyone is his favourite person and he is a great friend, he is very generous and caring in his ways" 
"I like to see him, He helps me to stay focused and be good because I know when I see him I can tell him how my day is going, he even signs my report card"


SEND Information Report


Haygrove’s School SEND information report includes details of our processes and provision available at school including: 

  • How we prioritise the early identification and assessment of young people with SEND 
  • How we support students with SEND with learning to read  
  • The interventions we provide for young people with SEND  
  • The facilities have available to support young people with SEND  
  • How we support young people transitioning to Haygrove School 
  • How we support young people transitioning to early adulthood 

Our Policy and Local offer

Our SEND Documents:

SEND Information Report

SEND Policy

Accessibility Plan

Somerset Accessibility Strategy and Schools Access Initiative

Somerset Graduated Response Tool


Get in touch

If you would like to contact Ms D Thompson, our SENDCO please telephone during school hours on 01278 455 531 or email senco@haygrove-qet.co.uk. You can also contact our SEND Department using the contact form below:

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If you have any concerns, you can find detail of how to make a complaint here