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Quantock Education Trust

Global Learning Development

Haygrove School has embraced the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as the lynchpin and focus of our global education.

As well as identifying where the SDG’s are linked across all subjects, we have dedicated three days of enrichment each July to workshops and activities specifically designed to enhance and strengthen our students understanding and empathy with the goals. Staff are responsible for delivering sessions which challenge perceptions, allow for discussion and engagement and ensure that all students are better equipped to understand and help change the world around them.

Examples of activities

Year 7 work collaboratively with our Chinese partners in a culture carousel.

Year 8 complete a British Values carousel which dovetails with our PSHE and citizenship provision and encompasses Art, Literature, Women’s Rights, Languages, Music and Justice/ Peace.

Year 9 are challenged with a carousel based on Health and Wellbeing and participate in sessions based on nutrition/zero hunger, mental health, mindfulness and media projection of body image.

Each of the sessions is delivered by teaching staff or outside agencies with a specific aim to underpin the curricular work we carry out. The breadth of coverage ensures that students have a solid understanding of their place within a local, regional and national context.