Haygrove School

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Quantock Education Trust

Our Vision and Ethos

Our vision
 is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to make a positive impact on society.


Our mission is to provide a well-balanced and comprehensive curriculum that supports students’ intellectual and moral character in order to improve their life chances, relationships, social mobility and employability skills in a safe and caring environment.


Our aim is to improve learning outcomes for all children, ensuring that everyone fulfils their potential and thrives.


In accordance with Government policy, we have a policy relating to the promotion of British Values


School Development Priorities


We believe all children should receive an educational offer which is aspirational and inspirational in all subjects. This is founded on high quality provision both in and out of the classroom, whereby every child is treated as an individual and is able to make sustained and rapid progress. Our aim is that all children will achieve at least half a grade higher than similar ability children nationally. Furthermore, 100% of our students will follow a path into further education and employment.


Our focus on improving levels of literacy will allow our students to develop their confidence, vocabulary, reading fluency, ambition and cultural capital. Children will have greater access to the curriculum that will in turn support progress for all.


Our commitment to excellence requires the commitment of our students to achieve these aspirational outcomes. This will take the form of 100% engagement in lessons and 100% attendance to school.


We have identified five key priorities in order to support our vision, mission and aim:

Character Traits

Responsibility - We take ownership of our actions

Respect - We consider the feelings, opinions and property of others

Curiosity -We are eager to learn and show interest in the world

Creativity - We ask questions and use our imagination to generate original ideas

Honesty -We do the right thing and have integrity even when it is difficult

Compassion -We show kindness and a desire to help others.

Resilience -We learn to cope with change, challenge and adversity

Reflective -We consider our experiences in order to improve ourselves

Confident - We trust our abilities, value ourselves and have courage to act


'The Big Picture'

The visual below demonstrates how our school development priorities and character development support our vision and ethos...