Haygrove School

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Quantock Education Trust

Our Vision and Ethos

Our vision
 is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to make a positive impact on society.


Our mission is to provide a well-balanced and comprehensive curriculum that supports students’ intellectual and moral character in order to improve their life chances, relationships, social mobility and employability skills in a safe and caring environment.


Our aim is to improve learning outcomes for all children, ensuring that everyone fulfils their potential and thrives.


In accordance with Government policy, we have a policy relating to the promotion of British Values.


Character Traits

Responsibility - We take ownership of our actions

Respect - We consider the feelings, opinions and property of others

Curiosity -We are eager to learn and show interest in the world

Creativity - We ask questions and use our imagination to generate original ideas

Honesty -We do the right thing and have integrity even when it is difficult

Compassion -We show kindness and a desire to help others.

Resilience -We learn to cope with change, challenge and adversity

Reflective -We consider our experiences in order to improve ourselves

Confident - We trust our abilities, value ourselves and have courage to act


Haygrove's Commitment