Responsible Readers Initiative

We all know that reading unlocks a world of imagination, acting as a gateway for further knowledge and character development, but with 1:5 children unable to read fluently by the age of 11 our reading programme has been developed.  

From September 2021, our tutors will read aloud to your child four mornings a week to ensure that every child is exposed to reading on a regular basis. Every student will follow along with a reading ruler (bookmark) and will be asked to complete a series of short surveys on SMHW to give feedback and track the progress of the programme.  

Students from each year group have worked with our staff to create a rich and diverse reading canon. (Add attachment)  

The canon has broad range of fiction and non-fiction which we believe will not only inspire and nurture a love of reading, but that it will develop compassion and respect for other cultures and introduce our students to worlds beyond their immediate environment.  


To find out what books will be available to each year group, click here Tutor Time Reading Canon


Free Reading Resources

Click here to discover a wide range of books for children and young adults: https://schoolreadinglist.co.uk

PiXLReading Secondary Newsletter - new selection of books for Year 7 upwards (20% discount off books published within newsletter) PiXL Newsletter Issuse 3 November 2021

Free E-Books!

Publishers, Badger Learning are offering a free e-book for young readers each week.
The first is aimed at reluctant or struggling readers. Download a copy here.

World Book Day Reading Library -  an online library of books for children and young people.

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