Responsible Readers Initiative

This is a new initiative that aims to encourage students in all year groups to develop a love of reading. 

We all know that reading to our children unlocks a world of imagination, acting as a doorway to a wider world of knowledge, empathy and confidence. Our tutors are already reading aloud from a selected fiction book each week to their tutor group to ensure every child at Haygrove School is exposed to reading on a regular basis.

Reading for pleasure is known to enhance a person's intellectual, developmental and moral character. It is also an important indicator of academic success; research shows that students need to understand 95% of the words, in order to understand a text. 

Each and every student will be given a 'Character Education' book mark and invited to complete a survey on SMHW about their current reading habits. What do they read, what do they like or dislike about reading? Using that information we will further develop our plans for spreading the joy of reading to all our students.




Free Reading Resources

Click here to discover a wide range of books for children and young adults: https://schoolreadinglist.co.uk

Free E-Books! Publishers, Badger Learning are offering a free e-book for young readers each week. The first is aimed at reluctant or struggling readers. Download a copy here.

World Book Day Reading Library -  an online library of books for children and young people.

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