PE is compulsory throughout Key Stage 3 and 4.

PE develops students’ competence and confidence in a range of physical activities and enables all young people to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity both in and out of school. As a result, they develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities and learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles. Discovering what they like to do and getting involved in physical activity helps students to make informed choices about lifelong physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

PE helps young people to develop personally and socially. They work as individuals, in groups and in teams, developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. Through the range of experiences that PE offers, students learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations and have the opportunity to take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating.

Our aim is to enable students to:

  • Become more proficient in skills and techniques and apply them with consistent control in different activities.
  • Understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own, and others, work.
  • Take initiative and make decisions about what to do to improve performance.
  • Improve their physical capacity to perform a range of activities.
  • Improve their motivation and determination to succeed.
  • Understand what makes performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work.
  • Develop their knowledge of fitness, personal and social health and well-being.

Haygrove School has a strong and committed Physical Education Department which strives to provide a high quality broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. We are proud of our achievements with all students and participation rates are very high.

Summer 2022 PE Activity timetable

PE Kit

PE Kit is required for all curriculum and extra-curricular sports. See our Uniform Guide for details.

Please note that due to curriculum changes resulting from COVID-19 restrictions, from September 2020 all girls in year 7 and year 8 will require football boots.

Extra Curricular Sport

At Haygrove Schoolwe encourage all of our students to be involved in our varied extra-curricular programme. Many of our students have coached younger Haygrove students or primary school children. Sports-based clubs and activities are an important part of Haygrove’s Extra-Curricular programme and many of our students achieve success in regular house competitions and can go on to local, regional and national competitions by participating in tournaments and championships.



Haygrove School has:

  • Sports Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • 2 x Netball Courts
  • Redgra hockey pitch
  • Football and Rugby pitches


Key Stage 4 Options

PE is a compulsory NON-EXAMINIED subject for all students at Key Stage 4.

In addition students who want to study PE at Key Stage 4 have two options:

  • Cambridge National in Sports Studies (OCR)
  • Cambridge National in Sports Science (OCR)

The PE staff will guide students as to which course is most appropriate for them.


Curriculum Overviews

Core PEYear 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11

OCR Sports StudiesYear 10Year 11

OCR Sports ScienceYear 10Year 11

"Pupils taking examination courses in PE showed a good depth of understanding of theory work..." OFSTED 2016

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