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Learning Resources and Interventions

Key Stage 3 (Year 7/8/9)

The Maths Department offers a variety of different interventions to students of all abilities to help them make progress. Morning intervention groups allow a selection of students to meet once a week with our Maths Learning Support Assistant to focus on the areas of maths that have been flagged up in their PLC.

In addition we have purchased an annual subscription to the website 

Key Stage 4 (Year 10/11)

Whilst many students receive intervention at school, there are a number of resources that are used to help students to make  progress.

We encourages students to use their PLC’s to identify specific topics that they feel that they can improve upon.  We then assist students to find an appropriate resources to help them master this skill, before testing whether their learning has had an impact.

Some of the key resources that allow us to do this are:

Corbett Maths

The Corbett Maths website combines video tutorials, text book exercises and single topic exam papers to help students master a topic. There are also a number of practice papers and markschemes available that students can print and complete independently. 

PiXL Maths App

Hegarty Maths

The HegartyMaths website is another very useful resource. Students are provided with their own personal log in and have access to a range of video tutorials, quizzes and teacher feedback. We have linked each of the assessment criteria in the students PLC’s to a specific resource on Hegarty Maths. Students can use this resource in or out of school time and it has been shown to help students make significant progress in their maths assessments.

PiXL Maths

The PiXL Maths app is available on both iOS and the Android platforms. Students require a personal log on, which we provide to them in Year 11. It allows students to target a particular GCSE grade, and complete questions that meet their individual needs.

Past Paper Packs

These are real GCSE exam papers that students can work through in class and/or at home to hone their exam technique, test their knowledge and grade their performance.

Single Topic Papers

These are collections of GCSE questions on particular topics designed to enable students to practice and improve on areas of weakness. Click here to find Edexcel's Single Topic Papers.

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