School is now closed for the summer holidays. We will be welcoming our new Year 7 students to Global Summer School from 24 - 28 July and then again for an Induction Day on 7 September. All students are then due to return to school on Wednesday 8 September. Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and have fun! 

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Exams and Revision

Teacher Assessed Grades for Summer 2021

All Year 11 students have recently been issued a predicted grade report (April 2021) which is based on evidence and an expectation of how they might continue to perform in school over the remainder of the term. 

Teachers will determine final grades based on evidence which is appropriate with the standard at which a student is performing, i.e.  demonstrated knowledge and understanding and skills across the content of the course being been taught.

Teachers will record how the evidence was used to arrive at a fair and objective grade, which is free from bias.

All the evidence used to determine final Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG), and associated documentation, will be retained and made available for the purposes of external quality assurance and appeals for genuine errors.

Year 11 Assessment Information Booklet

TAG Letter Home 280421 (Year 11)

Haygrove School Centre Policy

Guidance for the grading of assessments has been released by JCQ and can be found here: JCQ Guidance 2021

When will final results be confirmed?

JCQ have instructed all schools not to share final grades before the summer results day on Thursday 12 August. An appeals process will be available if a student feels their grade is incorrect. Further details of the appeal process can be found in the JCQ booklet above.



Year 11 Parent Info Evening and Introduction to GCSE Pod

Mrs Mills Year 11 Presentation

How To Support Your Child Using GCSE POD

Parent's Quick Start Guide

Quiz Your Child

Parents Guide - How to Support Your Child Doing Their GCSEs

Parents Guide


Useful Resources

Secret to Success Flow Chart

Help to Support your Child through their Exams

Academic Writing Assembly Presentation

BBC Smart Revision Advice

Maths Revison Resources

Student Guide to Awarding in Summer 2021

Recipe for success booklet

"Exams are coming up and I don't know where to start"

Links to a wide range of Revision Strategy resources including support for dyslexic learners.


SHARE Project 

The Schools Health and Resilience Education Project (SHARE) have produced a series of resources to help young people to prepare and deal with the stress of exams.

Exam Stress Student Booklet

Exam Stress Coping Strategies

Stress Management Worksheet

Where can I go for Stress Support?

Links to Website that provides Advice for Exam Pressure


Exam Regulations and Access

KS3 Exam Preparation for Parents

Written Examinations Regulations

Onscreen Tests Regulations

Using Social Media Regulations

Privacy Notice

Guidance for Non-Examination Assessments

Plagiarism Assessment Malpractice Policy

Calculator Exam Regulations 2021

Completing Coursework Assessments


Exam and Assessment Appeals

Complaints - Internal Appeals Policy 

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