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Edexcel Topic Papers

To access the GCSE topic based questions, please click on the links below:



Addition and subtraction

Compound interest and depreciation


Factors multiples primes 2

Fractional and negative indices

Fractions adding subtracting multiplying and dividing 2

Fractions decimals and percentages

Fractions of an amount

Functional maths questions

hcf lcm product of primes

Inequalities regions

Mean median mode range

Money problems

Multiplication and division

Negative numbers

Ordering fdp 2

Ordering numbers


Place value

Powers and squareroots

Powers roots bidmas 2

Recurring decimals into fractions

Reverse percentages

Shading fractions of rectangles

Standard form

Stratified sampling


Times tables and distance tables

Trial and improvement

Upper and lower bounds

Using a calculator 2

Utility bills



Algebraic Fractions

Algebra changing the subject

Algebra collecting like terms

Algebra expand and factorise

Algebra forming and solving equations

Algebra indices

Algebra inequalities

Algebra Quadratics

Algebra solving

Algebra substitution 2

Drawing quadratic graphs

More difficult rearranging formulae


Quadratic formula


Simultaneous equations

Simultaneous equations with a quadratic

Sine and cosine rules area of triangles

Solving quadratics by factorising

Solving simultaneous equations graphically

Straight line graphs

Transformation of graphs



Geometry and Measure

2D and 3D Shapes

3D Pythagoras


Angles 2

Angles parallel lines 2

Angles polygons 2

Area of compound shapes 2

Area of sector and length of arcs


Circle theorems

Circles area and circumference 2

Compound measures

Congruent shapes


Enlargement negative scale factor

Enlargements 2

Loci and construction

Mixed transformations 2

Nets plans and elevations 2

Perimeter area volume


Reading scales

Reflections 2

Rotations 2

Similar shapes

Spheres and cones

Surface area

Symmetry 2

Translations 2



Volume and surface area of cylinder

Volume of prism



 Averages from frequency tables

Conversion graphs

Cumulative frequency and box plots

Distance time graphs

Frequency polygons 2



Pie charts 2


Scatter graphs 2

Stem and leaf 2

Tallys and charts

Two way tables 2



Probability 2

Probability and relative frequency 2

Tree diagrams


Ratio and Proportion

Best buys 2

Direct and inverse proportion

Exchange rates 2

Metric and imperial

Proportion ingredients 2

Ratio 2

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