Confirmed Case of COVID-19

We have today (Fri 23 Oct 2020) been informed of a confirmed case of COVID-19. All parents have been emailed a letter explaining the situation and our response. Please check your email or click here to view the letter sent to the whole school.

The students who have been identified as having been in close contact should self-isolate and return to school on Wednesday 4th November 2020 which is 14 days after the last contact, which was Tuesday 20th October 2020.

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Choosing Your Options

In Year 9, students begin the process of choosing the subjects they would like to study in Year 10 and Year 11.

 We help students to make good choices in a number of ways:

  • Advice from their teachers
  • Carry out work with their tutors and receive careers advice.
  • Provide an ‘Options Booklet’ in January that contains information about the KS4 courses available.


New Curriculum Offer for students starting Year 9 from 2019 onwards

Find out about our Key Stage 4 curriculum for students in Year 10 and Year 11 here.

Every Year 9 student will be issued with an Options Booklet which outlines the pathways available and gives detailed information on the KS4 courses. Option Forms will be issued for each of the main pathways (Traditional and Open) which need to be returned to tutors by the deadline.

Options Booklet

Options Form 

Options Form - Vocational Pathway

Option Plus

Students who wish to apply to take the Option Plus (which for 2020- 2022 is GCSE Statistics) must:

  1. Register their interest by signing the Option Plus Information form (available shortly).
  2. Submit a letter of application with their main Options Form by the deadline.

Places may be limited, so students will be notified if they are able to join the Option Plus programme.





We seek to ensure that, as far as possible, every student is able to embark on the courses for which they have expressed a preference.  In a few cases, it may be impossible to timetable some combinations of subjects.  It will be necessary in some subjects to offer further guidance to particular students as to the appropriateness of their preferences. 





"Pupils make strong progress in a wide range of subjects as a result of good teaching." OFSTED 2016

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