Character Development

‘The aim of our studies is not just to know what virtue is, but to become good.” Aristotle

Character education is a term used to describe the teaching of children and adults in a manner that helps them to develop as healthy, happy, moral, civic and successful individuals. At Haygrove School we have a strong focus on character development throughout each of our subject curriculums and also via our extra-curricular programme.

Our aim is to enable all students to develop a clear sense of their own self, their relationships with other people and consider their own place within the school community and beyond. We believe there is no tension between a rigorous and stretching academic education and opportunities to embed wider personal development into everyday school life. Our aim is to create a sense of pride, belonging and identity so that all our students feel happy, safe and fulfilled during their five years with us.

After careful consideration and lots of discussion and questioning, we have identified a set of nine character traits that we believe encourage, nurture and celebrate behaviours, habits and mindsets that will support our students on their journey to their adult lives. By focusing on these nine behaviours and encouraging students to recognise when they are consciously or unconsciously demonstrating them, we believe the experience of being at Haygrove School will ensure that from Year 7 to Year 11 students will grow and develop their ‘good character’ and become well-rounded young adults ready to take their place in the world.

This year we have brought these values under an overarching theme of 'Character Education' which focuses on nine key character traits that we want to encourage in all our students through the curriculum and also via extra-curricular activities:


Taking ownership of your actions and your behaviour.


Being considerate to the feelings, opinions and property of others.


Being eager to learn and interested in the world.


Asking questions and using you imagination to generate original ideas and answers.


Doing the right thing and having integrity, even when it is difficult.


Showing kindness and a desire to help others.


Coping with change, challenge and adversity.


Thinking about yourself and your experiences in order to improve.


Trusting your abilities, valuing yourself and having the courage to act.

Click here to see our Character Development poster which is displayed in every classroom.


Character development is supported by a belief in the importance of seven key behaviours which make-up 'The Haygrove Way'. 

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