Planning for Partial School Opening

In line with Government guidelines we are working with parents of Year 10 students and our staff to develop and implement safe strategies to extend school provision to Year 10 students along with children of key workers from June 15th . As soon as our school plan is agreed it will be published to all parents.

Please click here to read a letter from Mrs Canham regarding the reopening of schools within the Quantock Education Trust.


We have today issued a new Home Schooling Timetable to help our Year 7,8 and 9 students plan their home learning.

Don't forget you can click here to access a range of resources to help with home schooling


If you are a key worker and require childcare for your son or daughter at Haygrove School because you have no other safe childcare provision, please email stating your child’s name, registration group, parent's name, parent's occupation and the days/times you intend to send your child to school.

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We are Creative

Being creative is an essential part of education and we encourage all our students to find a way to express their creativity and imagination. From writing stories, singing or playing a musical instrument to baking, photography or crafts, there are lots of opportunities to get creative, develop artistic skills and build your confidence in your own talents. 

The Arts Award - the arts award provides students with the opportunity to gain a qualification in the arts. In the summer term Haygrove students are invited to work towards their Bronze Award, we offer this award in drama, music, art and dance.
Dance Club - runs all year round and is open to all year groups

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Coaching
Mrs Guppy, who retired as Head of Drama in 2015, will be providing weekly Speech and Drama coaching. The programme would suit anyone who is interested in public speaking and/or performance, but it will also be suitable for students who simply want to build their confidence in speaking and performing in public.
LAMDA Speech & Drama sessions are open to all students and will be for 1/2 hour each week.  The classes will be run on the same basis as our peripatetic music lessons (i.e. students taking part will be taken out of their regular lesson to attend). Students can be coached alone or as part of a small group. Please note that students/parents will need to organise their own group in advance.
Fees: Solo lesson = £14, Duo lesson = £7 per student, Group (max 5 students) = £5 per student. Fees will be paid directly to Mrs Guppy and students will need to committ to a 10 week term.
To register your interest in this new programme please get in touch with Mrs Guppy at
Find out more at the LAMDA website.

We have just enjoyed an amazing school production for 2019-2020! Read the News report here.

Photo Galleries of previous school productions:

Time of our lives (2019) Gallery (1) (2)  

Schools Will Rock You (2018)

Oh What a Lovely War (2016)


"The arts are highly valued by the school, prized for the self-confidence and esteem they egenderand for the way in which they contribute to communication and positive behaviour."
Arts Mark, 2015

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