School is now closed for the summer holidays. We will be welcoming our new Year 7 students to Global Summer School from 24 - 28 July and then again for an Induction Day on 7 September. All students are then due to return to school on Wednesday 8 September. Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and have fun! 

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Student Engagement


We are always looking for additional help to enrich the students experience in different careers. If you are an employer and would like to get involved in the Careers Activities at Haygrove School we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact Mrs C Morgan via the main school phone number 01278 455531 or by emailing her at CLMorgan@educ.somerset.gov.uk.


*Wanted* Ex Haygrove Students

Can you  Inspire Current Haygrove Students?

We would like to hear from ex Haygrove students to hear about what exciting things you have been up to.

If you would like to share your experiences to inspire our current students, please contact Mrs Morgan Tel 01278 455531 or by emailing her at CLMorgan@educ.somerset.gov.uk.

We run Careers events throughout the year, and by signing up there’s no commitment to get involved – We will contact you to see if you are available.

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