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We want all our students to enjoy coming school, to feel safe and secure whilst here, and have the support they need to develop as young people. We recognise that working alongside parents and carers is crucial to our success in this endeavour and establishing positive relationships with families is one of our top priorities. We aim to communicate regularly regarding students’ progress and achievements as well as keep our community informed of important school events and announcements.

Underpinning the ‘Haygrove experience’ is an ethos that values high standards of behaviour and the timeless values of respect and courtesy. We are committed to ensuring that each child feels happy, safe and secure in their learning and believe that strong partnerships with parents underpinning by consistent and continual reinforcement of positive behaviours are the key to achieving this.

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Home - School Agreement

Every student is issued with a Homework and Personal Planner. This is an important document that sets out the high expectations that we have of our students.

It also forms the ‘Home – School Agreement’ that we have with the parents of our students.

We expect our students to:

 Attend school regularly and on time.

  • Wear correct school uniform.
  • Have the right books and equipment.
  • Complete their work to the best of their ability and hand in homework on time.
  • Be polite, co-operative and supportive of the ethos of our school.

We will:

 Contact parents if there is a problem with their child’s attendance or punctuality.

  • Let parents know of any concerns about their child’s behaviour or work.
  • Arrange Parents’ Evenings and Reports to keep parents informed of how their children are doing.
  • Send home Newsletters to keep parents informed of what is happening in school.

All parents are expected to sign the ‘Home – School Agreement’ in their child’s Planner at the start of the academic year. The Planner also sets out the requirements that have to be met for students to take part in our extra-curricular programme.


Access onto the school site

Please note that parents should not to drive onto the school site to drop off or collect children.

If you do require access to the site during school hours, please seek permission from the Headteacher in advance.

We have limited parking available at the school if you are visiting.

Haygrove School is a small site and we do not wish to compromise the safety of those who work and study here. Your cooperation in this respect is much appreciated.

Home to School Transport

The Local Authority provides free transport to and from school for students living in our rural catchment area. Parents are advised to contact the Local Authority for details of precise entitlement to school transport.

Anti-Smoking Policy

Haygrove is a non-smoking site. Students will not smoke at school, nor on the way to or from school.

Smoking on school premises will lead to exclusion from school.

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