Student Lockers

Student lockers are available to rent for a small payment.
Students starting in year 7 will pay £25.00 plus £5 deposit. This will provide a locker for their 5 years at school and the deposit is refundable when a student leaves Haygroves School and their locker key, padlock and key fob are returned.
Students who join the school in other years or who opt to rent a locker part-way through their time at Haygrove School will pay a reduced fee depending on the number of attendance years remaining.
Parents with more than one child at the school can choose for their children to share a locker.
Students entitled to Free School Meals may be eligible for support from the Pupil Premium fund. Please contact Mrs Frost if you need further information on whether your child qualifies for Pupil Premium funding for a locker.
What is the locker fee used for?
The fee is used to build up a school fund for maintaining and replacing damaged lockers.
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