School Meals

Aspens Services have been providing our school food service since 1 April 2017 and maintain the supply of school meals to two local primary schools: Westover Green and St Joseph’s.

Aspen Services are a privately owned education catering company and is one of only a few contract caters in the country to have been awarded the Soil Association’s Food for Life Gold Catering Mark. We are confident that Aspens will bring fresh ideas and innovations to our school meals service, whilst maintaining the high level of service that our students and parents/carers expect.

Breakfast Club Students who qualify for FSM can collect a breakfast from the canteen.

Students may choose to bring their own packed lunch. 



Cashless Catering

The Canteen operates a ‘cashless catering’ system that eliminates the need for students to carry cash with them to school. It is a biometric system that enables parents/carers to pay money into their child’s catering account either online or by cash payment at either of the catering pay points in school.

What is a biometric system and how can I register my child?

The system uses a person's unique thumbprint or a unique PIN to authorise payment for food and drink purchased from the canteen facilities.

We require parent/carer permission to register a child's thumbprint, which is done on their first day at Haygrove School. Permission is given via the Abor Parent App. If you do not wish to give permission, your child will be given a unique PIN (personal identification number).

Year 7 students starting in September 2021 will shortly recieve a letter explaining how to register for the parent app and information is also available here

Money spent on food or drink is deducted on a daily basis. With an online payment account, parents can monitor what their children are buying for lunch.

Please be aware that when adding money to your childs account, the turn around time for it to appear on the system is at least 24 hrs and therefore funds will not be available.

Find out more about registering for an on-line account and making an online payment.


If your child wishes to add funds to their account using the biometric machines in school, please make sure they have the correct notes and coins to do so. Our Finance Office does not hold cash on site and therefore cannot change money for students e.g. provide 2 x £10 for a £20 or 5 x £1 coins for a £5.

Thank you!



The Aspens App and Website

Students and parents can download the Aspens App to check what’s on the menu each week and see what meal and snack offers are available on any day and also give feedback on meals Aspens provide.

The Aspens App is available on the App Store or Google Play and the Haygrove School access PIN is:


Aspens have a dedicated ‘Haygrove School’ webpage on their site where you will find the unique PIN code required to access the Aspens App.

The Aspens webpage also includes school menus which you can download. 

Welcome to the Aspens App Guide

Aspens Student Leaflet


Find out about Free School Meals

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