First Impressions Card

In order to support our committment to high standards of school uniform, we use a 'First Impressions' system to record incidents where students fail to comply with our uniform and and personal presentation standards.

This system will also enable us to acknowledge those students who are consistent in meeting these expectations.

This initative is a response to an increasing number of students who consistently fall below required standards with regard to uniform and presentation.

How will First Impressions work?

  • The Student Planner has pages were First Impressions errors will be recorded. Students are expected to carry their planner with them at all times.
  • If a student is seen to not be meeting the school uniform and presentation standards, this will be recorded in their planner, signed and dated by a member of staff.
  • If a student receives three signatures, on the third occasion they will be internally excluded until the matter is resolved. 
  • E-praise points will be awarded to students whose First Impressions pages remain unsigned at the end of each half term. We expect the the majority of our students will receive recognition for their excellent appearance.

Please read our Uniform Guide and the letter that has been sent home for detailed information about the standards of uniform and presentation required.

Uniform Guide


If you have any concerns or queries regarding this new initiative, please contact either Mr Walters or Mr Reid using the online Contact Us form or by phone.

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