Planning for Partial School Opening

PARENT APP UPDATE: If you replied to our earlier email asking for confirmation of your child's name and your preferred contact email, you will shortly receive another email inviting you to log on to the Parent App. This MUST be done on a PC or tablet, not on a mobile phone. Further information about the Parent App can be found here

if you have not yet responded to the first email, please do so as soon as possible. Remember to check you spam/junk folders. Only parents who confirm these details will be invited to log on to the Parent App.

Thank you.


We have issued a new Home Schooling Timetable to help our Year 7,8 and 9 students plan their home learning.

Don't forget you can click here to access a range of resources to help with home schooling


If you are a key worker and require childcare for your son or daughter at Haygrove School because you have no other safe childcare provision, please email stating your child’s name, registration group, parent's name, parent's occupation and the days/times you intend to send your child to school.

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First Aid

Haygrove School has a number of staff responsible for administering emergency first aid to students during the school day. If your child is injured outside of school, or becomes ill out of school hours, please visit a pharmacist or your GP for advice and medication. The school first aiders can only provide support for incidents that occur during school hours. 

Any incidents that do occur during the school day, including if your child falls ill, are immediately referred to a first aider who will contact the appropriate parent or carer. The school ensures that there are qualified First Aiders on the premises at all times.

Please note:

  • The Medical Room and First Aiders are for emergency first aid, supporting students with long term, on-going medical or welfare conditions and issues and supporting students who become unwell during the school day and may need to go home.
  • Our First Aiders are not GPs and should not be asked for a medical opinion. If you have any concerns about your child's health, please make an appointment to see your GP.
  • Students who require medication during the school day should only visit Student Services between lessons or at break/lunchtime. The only exception to this is for students with medical cards.
  • If a student feels unwell they should try to only go to Student Services at the end of a lesson, unless their condition is serious. 


What if my child becomes unwell at school?

If a student becomes unwell or has an accident during the school day, a qualified first aider will provide emergency first aid or assistance. Contact will be made with parents/carers if the student need to be collected from school.

Click here for more information about illness and absence.


A weekly Drop-In Health Clinic for students is held every Thursday lunchtime and is run by a qualified nurse.


Medications in School

The school operates a 'no medication' policy which means, for the safety of all, students must ask Student Services to store any medicines they need. Student must not carry medication with them in bags, pockets etc.

If you wish your child to receive simple pain relief a Permission to Adminster Medication form must be completed and returned to Student Services. Parents of Year 7 students who joined the school in 2017 will have already received this form to complete and return. Parents only need to complete this form once as the authorisation remains valid until the child leaves the school. For all other year groups, if a form has not been completed previously during their time at Haygrove School, please download a form from the link above, or ask theStudent Services for a paper copy.

If a student has a long term or short term course of prescribed or over-the-counter medication that must be taken during the school day the parent/carer will need to complete and sign a Medication Permission form which must be given, along with the medicine, to Student Services. Where possible, medications should be timed to be taken at break or lunchtimes.

Medical conditions and Health Care Plans

Students with such conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy and short term issue such as fracture will need a Health Care Plan (HCP). HCPs are updated annually and it is important that parents and carers of children with long term medical conditions complete and return their child’s HCP to the school each year. 

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