Confirmed Case of COVID-19

We have today (Fri 23 Oct 2020) been informed of a confirmed case of COVID-19. All parents have been emailed a letter explaining the situation and our response. Please check your email or click here to view the letter sent to the whole school.

The students who have been identified as having been in close contact should self-isolate and return to school on Wednesday 4th November 2020 which is 14 days after the last contact, which was Tuesday 20th October 2020.

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COVID-19 Advice

If your child, or any other member of the household is showing symptoms you must contact the school and self isolate for 14 days. If your child has a positive test, you must notify the school immediately.

Symptoms include a high temperature, a new continuous cough, and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

If your child is showing symptoms at school, here is what will happen:

  • Be sent straight to the Meeting room (located in Reception) unaccompanied. Please do not send to the First Aid room, as other students may be there with general illness.
  • The receptionist will then alert the First Aider and SLT
  • Once symptoms have been checked by the First Aider, they will then contact home to arrange collection if necessary.
  • The windows and the door of the meeting room must be kept open to help ventilation.
  • If a student needs to be accompanied by a member of staff while waiting to be collected in the room, then full PPE must be worn if they are unable to keep a 2m distance. This is available at reception.
  • If they need to use the toilet while waiting to be collected, they should use the toilet located in Student Services. The site team will be alerted to arrange for the toilet to be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Once the student/staff member has left the site, the room needs to be fully cleaned by the cleaning staff.
  • Staff  at the school have to follow the same procedure if they become symptomatic in school, and they also have to self isolate the same as our students. If you are concerned about how staff are ensuring these rules are followed, don't hesitate to contact the school.

If you are unsure what counts as Covid-19 symptoms, check the NHS website for further advice.

If you are unsure if your family should be self isolating, check the NSH website for further advice.

If you would like to know the advice we are following, check the Government Website.

Information if your child needs to self isolate

Information on testing

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