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We have today issued a letter to all students reminding parents/carers who are key workers to confirm via email if they require their child to access school during the school closure period. Guidance on who qualifies as a key worker can be found at the link on our Home Page below. If you believe you are a key worker, please email with your childs full name, tutor group, your full name and your occupation. If you do submit an email with these details we will expect to see your child at school in uniform from 8.40 am - 3.15 pm. 

Please remember to only send your child to school if there is no other safe alternative.

School bus services will be operating as normal next week, although please note that Ridlers have combined buses for routes C521 and C515 which will leave Kilve at 07:45 and arrive at Haygrove at 08:28. Click here to view all stops and times.

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War veteran Maurice Stone awarded the Legion D'honneur

Year 10 students Evelyn, Matt, Josh, and Amelia, were honoured to be asked to represent Haygrove School at The Old Vicarage Care home, when elderly resident Maurice Stone, was awarded the Legion D'honneur for his bravery during the Second World War on Thursday 9th January 2020. The medal is in recognition of his military engagement and steadfast involvement in the Liberation of France during WWII. The medal was awarded by Mrs Josette LEBRAT - Consule honoraire de France. 

Maurice Stone joined the Armoured Division of the Coldtream Guards, and trained to serve and fight as part of the crew of a Churchill tank. In June 1944 he crossed the channel as part of the invasion forces massing there and landed on the beaches of Normandy on or around D Day. From Normandy he and his colleagues fought their way across France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In September 1944 he and his colleagues were ordered to advance from Brussels to Holland to take part in th ill-fated, chaotic and badly organised Operation Market Garden that culminated in The Battle for the Bridges at Arnhem. 

On the way to Arnhem the tank stopped to camp for the night just south of the bridges at a town called Helmond to rest, re supply and re arm in preparation for the forthcoming battle. Maurice sustained a serious head injury in the chaos and confusion and was unable to continue. Medical facilities were overstretched, so Maurice was treated by the medical corps, then in a show of gratitude, the newly liberated villagers of Helmond took him in and nursed him until he was fit enough to return. Maurice never forgot their kindness and generosity and when he returned to England and took up his trade as a carpenter, he built his own house on Willoughby Road in Bridgwater and named it Helmond. 

The residents of Helmond and Maurice stayed in touch over the years and there were many visits and reunions. Now alas, the last of the villagers that Maurice knew has passed away. 

We must never forget the bravery of men like Maurice, and the sacrifices they made for England and France. It is only right and fitting that his service to both our countries is recognised and he richly deserves this honour. 

'I loved taking part in the ceremony. Watching Maurice's face light up as he saw the medal was inspiring. I will forever remember this moment.' - Evelyn

'Being a part of such an amazing event was an honour and I am privaleged to have had the opportunity to meet such a courageous man.' - Josh 

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We are deeply saddened by the news that Maurice Stone passed away on Saturday 11th January 2020. We pass on condolences on behalf of the staff and students at Haygrove School to The Old Vicarage care home and Maurice's family. 

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