Planning for Partial School Opening

On 23 June we sent home emails from address  asking parents to confirm their child's name and their preferred contact email. This was done to ensure as we move towards launching a new Parent App, we are complying with required Data Protection regulations. You should have received one email for each child you have attending Haygrove School. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM folders if you have not yet responded to this email. 

If you have not received this email, please contact the school on 01278 455531.

Only parents who confirm these details will be able to access the new Parent App.

Thank you for you cooperation.


We have issued a new Home Schooling Timetable to help our Year 7,8 and 9 students plan their home learning.

Don't forget you can click here to access a range of resources to help with home schooling


If you are a key worker and require childcare for your son or daughter at Haygrove School because you have no other safe childcare provision, please email stating your child’s name, registration group, parent's name, parent's occupation and the days/times you intend to send your child to school.

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The Haygrove Debating Society

Last week, year 10 and 11 students took part in the Haygrove Debating Society competition. Working in pairs, the students were put into teams of 4 for each debate and were told which side they would be arguing, regardless of their own personal beliefs. Much like an exam, one of the topics that had been previously revised was put forward and the students had just 15 minutes to come up with convincing but concise arguments. Click here to read about the debating process in more detail.

The first topic was: 'This house would... restrict freedom of speech'. The mature and informed approach to this topic was highly commendable and proved for a very interesting debate! Pulling ideas and quotes from policical party leaders, using specific examples and really showing their passion for their side of the argument - The students' ability to react and respond to questions and comments from the opposition was a joy to experience! After the teams were switched around, they had another 15 minutes to prepare for a surprise, unrevised topic which was: 'This house believes... in Father Christmas'. This topic was chosen by staff as a nice seasonal gesture, and although this debate was a little less serious than the first, the quality of debating was of an extremely high standard. 

We were pleased to welcome ex-Haygrove teacher, Mr Jonathan Barter to judge the debate and would like to thank him for his time. 

The following students have been chosen following the debate, to represent Haygrove School at an external competition:

Callum Y11

Chloe Y11

Mo Y11

Ellie Y11

Oscar Y10

Ellouise Y10

Josh Y10

Josh Y10

Last year Haygrove students took part in the Oxford Schools' Debating competition. This competition has not been anounced yet, so if this does not go ahead the students will compete in another external debating event. 

This club is and has been a fantastic tool to allow students to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills, which will no doubt help them in their future endeavours.

Special thanks goes to everyone that attended, parents for supporting their children, Chairs, Timekeepers and Judges. 

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