COVID-19 Case Confirmed

We have been informed today of one positive case of coronavirus within the school community at Haygrove School. Working with colleagues at Public Health England and at Somerset County Council’s Public Health Team, we undertook a risk assessment and identified the children who may have been in close contact with the confirmed case and asked them to self-isolate for 14 days from the date of last contact.

With this advice and support we were able to act swiftly and take effective action. PHE has carried out a risk assessment and is satisfied with all the measures we are taking to keep our students safe. Our response includes a comprehensive deep clean of the affected areas.

We must stress that children self-isolating at home do not need to get a COVID test unless they develop symptoms. If any other students become symptomatic and are awaiting tests or results, the guidelines state that they must self-isolate for 14 days; they must not come to school.

Clearly this has had an impact on the school community especially those students involved and their families. The affected year group - Year 10, which comprises 213 students - will have access to comprehensive online resources which build on the curriculum they would be following at school and they have been set assignments so they can focus on meaningful and ambitious work that reflects their usual timetable. Teachers will use instructional videos to support learning and give clarity on what is to be taught and practised in each subject. 

Somerset County Council will be working with us to ensure that vulnerable pupils get the support they need whilst self-isolating. The County’s e-Learning and Information Management team is also supporting us with online learning and technology. We also have access to lap-tops through a government scheme if there are pupils who need them to do their work.

A letter has been sent home to each year 10 student and to the rest of the school.

Letter to year 10

Letter to rest of school



Our YEAR 6 OPEN EVENING will this year be an online only event due to COVID-19 restrictions. From 6pm on Tuesday 29 September interested parents/carers and students will be ablel to access an 'open day experience' via our website. Please watch this space or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates. 


Thank you.

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Students Receive their GCSE Results

Students queued from 8.30am on GCSE Results Day to be handed their envelopes containing their all-important GCSE grades. Although the school is not publishing overall achievement statistics this year, there were still lots of stories of hard work and excellent results amongst the year 11 leavers.

Head teacher Mr Aaron Reid said, “Looking at the results across the whole of year 11 I can say that our students have done extremely well in hugely challenging circumstances. Nothing should distract from the work they have put in, not just in the run up to lockdown, but over their whole school career. Every step from age 4 or 5 onwards is important and helps to build not only their understanding of the curriculum subjects, but also their character and personalities which are arguably even more critical to their future success than exam results.”

Top performing students Callum Giles and Sam Authers both gained seven grade 9 and two grade 8 GCSEs. Both are gifted musicians as well and are heading to Richard Huish College in Taunton to study A Levels and Music. Sam said, “It is a shame to have missed out on the last few months of school and not to have been able to see friends because of lockdown, but now I am just looking forward to starting at college, although not to getting up early every morning!”

Ewan Popham was very happy with his six grade 9 and two grade 8 GCSEs, plus a D* in L2 Engineering. “I have been worried, especially when the A Level results fiasco came to light, so I am glad that my results are pretty much in line with what I was expecting.” Ewan is heading to Richard Huish College to study Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Computer Science.

Excellent results were also awarded to talented footballer and ex-Bristol City Academy player Todd Watts. He gained seven grade 8 and two grade 9 GCSEs and will be studying his A Levels at Bridgwater and Taunton College where he will join the Team BTC football squad. “Our experience of GCSE has been unique and weird, but we put the work in for our mocks and in the years running up to them, so our grades are well deserved.”

The opportunity to actually sit exams in the traditional fashion, was only one of the milestones that this year group have missed out on. Leaver’s Day celebrations and Prom Night were both cancelled as the country was plunged into the COVID-19 lockdown. Ex Head-Girl Freya Haslett is the top performing female student this year at Haygrove. She said, “said, “I have got six grade 9, two grade 8 and one grade 7, so I am very pleased! It is sad not to have been able to enjoy the last term at school and go to Prom. We won’t have those memories unfortunately.”

Student Georgia Howe wasn’t able to sit her mock exams before lockdown in March, so had wasn’t sure what to expect for her final grades. “Some of my grades are lower than I thought they might be, but others are higher! I have all grade 8s expect one which is a grade 7. I am excited about going to college now and put the last few months behind me and start afresh.”

Fellow students Monica Hall and Charlotte Old were both delighted to see their results and felt they were a good reflection of the work they had put in. Monica achieved four grade 9 and grade 8 and one grade 7 and will start her journey towards a career as an Ophthalmologist by studying for her A Levels at Richard Huish. Charlotte Old, who was thrilled with her two grade 9s, four grade 8 and 2 grade 7 GCSEs said, “I will really miss Haygrove School, I will miss my teachers who have all been so supportive over the past few years.” Charlotte heads to Richard Huish to study sciences.

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