Rapper Hardy Caprio Pays a Visit

There was much excitement yesterday when rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Hardy Caprio made a surprise visit to Haygrove to speak to Year 11 students about the risks of getting involved in county lines drug dealing. Caprio is supporting the work of the St Giles Trust, a charity that uses expertise and real-life past experiences to empower people to progress towards positive futures.

The singer spoke to a group of Year 11 boys for around 90 minutes alongside Luke Peters from the Trust. He spoke about his own experiences growing up in South London and the strength he had to have to navigate his way to a successful music career. It was only through perseverance and determination that he was not drawn into and distracted into the criminal behaviours that, at times, surrounded him when he was a teenager.

Speaking in more detail about to resist the temptations of taking and dealing drugs, Luke, advised the boys to think carefully about how the short term gains of money and standing amongst a peer group weighs up against the long term benefits of staying true to your real and deeper ambitions, having confidence in your ability to make the right choices and committing to a positive vision for your future.

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