Carnival Mask Submitted by Haygrove Student!

Bridgwater Carnival Club regularly includes a Carnival Mask display in shopfronts throughout Bridgwater as part of the annual celebrations and this year, Haygrove student Kian has worked with Teaching Assistant Miss Derrick to create a fabulous artwork that will be included in the town-wide gallery!

Local schools are invited to submit a mask design based on a theme - this year the theme was 'The Future' and encouraged schools and students to think about what the future might look like and their aspirations for the years ahead. Kian decided that his mask should include reference to robots and artifical intelligence as he is sure our future will rely more and more on this sort of technology. He wanted to show how robots and humans can work together to make the world a better place. 

Other year 7 students at Haygrove School contributed to the mask's development. They were asked to think about their vision of the world in 50 years time during some of their lessons. For example, they came up with ideas about what sort of clothing we might all be wearing in 2071. it was also decided that the Carnival Mask shoudl include quotes from famous people about the value of people working together to achieve thier goals.

Kian said, "It was fun deciding how we would make sure the mask fitted the theme of 'The Future'. Miss Derrick and I worked hard to make the mask the best we could and it will be great to see it on display in town."

The Bridgwater Carnival Club will create a 'Carnival Mask Trail' to help Bridgwater residents and visitors locate all the masks out on display around the town and one lucky school will be chosen to recieve a cash prize to spend on school equipment.

Well done Kian!


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