Years 7 and 11 are due back in school on 5 September 2018.
Years 8, 9 and 10 are due back in school on 6 September 2018.

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Information for current parents

STUDENT ABSENCE LINE - if you child is absent from school, please TEXT 07860 095106

We know how important it is to our parents to know what is happening at school. Being able to find the information you need quickly and easily, as well as knowing how best to contact the school when you have a question or concern, is vital.


Below are links to the most frequently accessed information on our website:

Information for prospective parents

We are delighted you are considering our school for your child. Haygrove is an excellent secondary school where pupils make good progress and achieve outstanding examination results.


Below are links to some of the important information you need to make the right decision for your family:

If you need to get in touch or wish to make an appointment:


Phone 01278 455531 between 8 am - 4 pm or use our Contact Us enquiry form

Contact Form

If your enquiry is urgent, please telephone the School Reception during school hours to leave a message for a member of staff who will call you back within 2 school days. You can also telephone the school to make an appointment to meet with a Head of Year.
If you prefer, you can use this online form to contact your child's Head of Year - you will usually receive a response to your online enquiry within 3 school days. Please direct all general school enquiries that do not relate to a student at Haygrove School to the School Receptionist.
You can also email the school using this form.
If you are unsure to whom you should send your enquiry, please address it to Mrs C Canham, Headteacher at the School Office.
Our website includes lots of useful information about the school, so before you submit your enquiry it may be worthwhile checking that the answer to your question is not on one of the web pages already.

Student Absence Line: text - 07860 095106
Staff Absence Line: 01278 287213
Access onto the school site
Please note that parents should not to drive onto the school site to drop off or collect children. If you do require access to the site during school hours, please seek permission from the Headteacher in advance.
We have limited parking available at the school if you are visiting.
Haygrove School is a small site and we do not wish to compromise the safety of those who work and study here. Your cooperation in this respect is much appreciated.
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Durleigh Road




01278 455531

Everyman's Land

On the 26 and 27 March we put on Moira Townsend Williams' Everyman's Land. It was our annual lower school production and 84 students performed and helped. An astonishing number of students contributed and worked towards a common purpose - putting on a wonderful show.

Maintaining Haygrove's excellent history of delivering top quality productions, Everyman's Land kept this tradition and gave our learners something to cherish and be proud of.

It was a privilege to see our students shine and they really did do rather well. Francesca Smith gave a stirring performance as the ever optimistic Almira. The story follows the treacherous journey of refugee girl Almira. Fighting to save two strange tribes of creatures, Almira never gave up hope of saving the laid back Redbacks and the stressed out Bluebacks from destruction.

Such high numbers of participation illustrates the passion our learners have for their drama and performing arts. The show gave them a vitally important opportunity to showcase their talents under the pressure of performing in front of a live audience. The collaboration and support given to each other was lovely to see. Year 9's helping out Year 7's; Year 7's helping out Year 8's and so on. All working together seamlessly for the greater good of the school, it was a pleasure to see such teamwork and purpose.

Much support and time was given to our students so that the show would be a success and so special thanks are needed for all who contributed. Thank you to the cast and crew of course, plus thank you to all parents and carers who without your support such a show could not be possible. Many thanks to all staff who helped and encouraged and gave up their time to support the learners, Mr Mckie for his stewardship of the tech team, Mrs Thompon for all of the costume preparation. Thank you to Mrs Clark for the Front of House work. A big thank you to Mr Jennings and his band of consummate musicians, they delivered fantastic energetic music.

Finally a very very special thank you must be given to the producer - Mrs Guppy. Mrs Guppy certainly had her work cut out, not just with the management of 84 students, but in making the show stylistically sound for our audience. A very brave choice of show meant that our learners were really challenged. Without Mrs Guppy at the helm the show would not have been possible. Such dedication to the cause was nothing short of mesmerizingly inspirational, not just for the learners, but for the staff who supported the production. How Mrs Guppy managed all 84 and shaped their excitement into a polished performance speaks volumes. Mrs Guppy's child-centred approach, conjoined with a commitment to accept nothing short of excellence from all, inspired us all to make sure Everyman's Land would not be a land that time will forget.

Report by Mr Fewtrell

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