Planning for Partial School Opening

On 23 June we sent home emails from address  asking parents to confirm their child's name and their preferred contact email. This was done to ensure as we move towards launching a new Parent App, we are complying with required Data Protection regulations. You should have received one email for each child you have attending Haygrove School. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM folders if you have not yet responded to this email. 

If you have not received this email, please contact the school on 01278 455531.

Only parents who confirm these details will be able to access the new Parent App.

Thank you for you cooperation.


We have issued a new Home Schooling Timetable to help our Year 7,8 and 9 students plan their home learning.

Don't forget you can click here to access a range of resources to help with home schooling


If you are a key worker and require childcare for your son or daughter at Haygrove School because you have no other safe childcare provision, please email stating your child’s name, registration group, parent's name, parent's occupation and the days/times you intend to send your child to school.

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June 2020 Returning to School Provision Year 7,8,9

Year 7 Provision

Year 8 Provision

Year 9 Provision

June 2020 Festival of Futures Year 11 Festival of Futures
June 2020 School Re-Opening Feedback  Whole School Re-opening Feedback
June 2020 Letter to parents from Somerset County Council Whole School  Letter to parents 
June 2020 Return to School  Whole School

Secondary School Care Provision from 15th June

KS3 Letter

Return to School Risk Assessment 

Operational Plan 


May 2020 QET Letter to all parents Whole School QET Letter to all parents
May 2020  Ski Trip Refund Ski Trip Students  Ski Trip Refund 
May 2020 Plan for reopening the School Whole School Plan for reopening the School 
May 2020 Update on reopening of the School Whole School  Update on reopening of the School
April 2020 Year 10 Parents Evening Year 10 Year 10 Parents Evening
April 2020 Welcome Back from the Headteacher Whole School Welcome back 20/04/20
April 2020 Letter to students regarding exams  Year 11 Letter to students regarding exams 
March 2020 COVID-19 Key Workers Whole School  COVID-19 Key Workers
March 2020 COVID-19 School Site Closure Whole School

COVID-19 Site Closure

COVID-19 Site Closure Recorded Version

March 2020 Trust Statement on  COVID-19 Whole School Trust Statement on COVID-19
March 2020 COVID-19 Planning Whole School COVID-19 Emergecny Planning 
February 2020 Careermag for School Leavers Year 11 Careermag for School Leavers
February 2020 Absence Text  Whole School

Absence Reporting Changes


November 2019

Year 8 GL Assessment Tests Year 8  Yr 8 GL Assessment Tests 

November 2019

Year 7 Hair and Uniform  Year 7 Yr 7 Hair and Uniform 

November 2019

China Trip Years 7/8/9 China

September 2019

Media Permissions Letter Year 7-11

Media Permissions Letter

Media Consent Conditions

Media Consent Form

September 2019

Haygrove Heads Up. Request a paper copy. Year 7  Haygrove Heads up. Request a paper copy. 

Jan 2019

School closure due to adverse weather Whole School Adverse weather letter 2019

Sept 2018

Food Bank Whole School Food Bank Letter

Sept 2018

Cashless Catering System Year 7 Cashless Catering Letter

July 2017

Year 8 Receptionists Year 7 Student Receptionist Letter



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