Year 7 Catch Up Funding

The literacy and numeracy catch-up funding is designed to target and support students in Year 7.

In 2016 the eligibility criteria for catch up funding changed to reflect the changes to end of KS2 assessments.

Students are now eligible for catch up funding if they scored less than 100 in Reading and or Maths. The aim is to accelerate progress so that students catch up with the attainment of their peers.


  • Mr Matt Stott, Assistant Head oversees Pupil Premium and catch up funding and monitors the impact of this work. 
  • Lia Hill, SENCO liaises directly with staff to reintegrate them into the full curriculum. 2018-19 sees the first year of a more formal Nurture group with specialist staffing provided. 
  • Curriculum Leader Maths & Curriculum Leader English, will oversee this provision for their respective areas.





The Year 7 Catch-up premium has now been replaced by the Covid-19 catch-up premium which helps schools to provide additional support and intervention for students in years 7-11 to help combat the negative impacts of the unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus. The aggregate impact of lost time in education will be substantial, and the Covid-19 catch-up premium is provided in response to the scale of the significant challenge.

Click here to find our catch up funding reports.



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