School is now closed for the summer holidays. We will be welcoming our new Year 7 students to Global Summer School from 24 - 28 July and then again for an Induction Day on 7 September. All students are then due to return to school on Wednesday 8 September. Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and have fun! 

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Year 7 Catch Up Funding

The literacy and numeracy catch-up funding is designed to target and support students in Year 7.

In 2016 the eligibility criteria for catch up funding changed to reflect the changes to end of KS2 assessments.

Students are now eligible for catch up funding if they scored less than 100 in Reading and or Maths. The aim is to accelerate progress so that students catch up with the attainment of their peers.


  • Miranda Frost Assistant Head oversees Pupil Premium and catch up funding and monitors the impact of this work. 
  • Lia Hill, SENCO liaises directly with staff to reintegrate them into the full curriculum. 2018-19 sees the first year of a more formal Nurture group with specialist staffing provided. 
  • Curriculum Leader Maths & Curriculum Leader English, will oversee this provision for their respective areas.


Objectives of Year 7 Catch up Funding 2018 / 2019

We have identified the following barriers to the progress of the students considerably below expected progress:

  1. Weakness in reading ages
  2. Number bonds
  3. Self-esteem

Our objective is to overcome these barriers. We seek to:

  • Close the attainment gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support.
  • Target curriculum and nurture provision to close the attainment gap and raise self-esteem and aspirations.
  • Increase the parents involvement in supporting the progress of these students outside the school day.

We have identified other students that are below age expected attainment but can operate within whole class situations. Our objective is to overcome barriers though supporting staff to implement strategies to identify and target intervention to support quality first teaching.


Summary of Spending 2017-18

LSA small group work and 1:1 intervention support for non-secondary ready students      £10,000

Summary of Planned Spending 2018 - 19

Nurture group for students with very weak literacy and numeracy and low self-esteem      £7,500
LSA small group work and 1:1 intervention support for non-secondary ready students £2,500
TOTAL    £10,000


Impact of 2017-2018 work


19 students were highlighted as having less than 95 as a Ks2 Maths result. Work was carried out throughout the year with intervention, and extra focus during class time. Tracking of progress through the year shows 11 % had mad considerable progres by Easter but 53 % had made considerable progress by the summer.


18 students were highlighted as having less than 95 as an average KS2 reading and Grammer score. Work was carried out throughout the year via a variety of interventions, alongside focussed quality first teaching. 33% had made considerable progress in the first 2 terms and this progress was sustained in the final term.


2018-2019 plans 

Need for baseline data in literacy considered important so early reading and spelling tests to be carried out to inform next steps.

Creation of a research Nurture Group will be trialled offering a revised curriculum in Maths and English. This will operate in the first instance to the end of 2018, with plans to continue this if impact seen. When possible students will re-enter the curriculum to continue their study with their peers.

Staff are made aware of students’ abilities and continue to plan for this in order to support learning and progress. Staff expertise has been refocused to ensure quality first teaching.




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